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Personal training with me

Regular exercise not only improves your physical health, it’s also great for your mental health as well as promoting better sleep.


All these things = a fit, healthy, happy you.

Lena and fitter side plank.jpg
Lena and fitter side plank.jpg

Exercise for a stronger you

Group, 1-2-1, in person or online personal training will help you stay motivated, and be challenged in different ways to move, pushing you that little bit further to progress your health and fitness journey.

Movement is healing

Movement can be healing for many aches and pains. 

I firmly believe, exercise is more than just strength and aesthetics. Movement is nourishing for the mind and the soul. Taking a holistic approach, I work with you to look at all factors in your environment to help you be a happier, freer you.


Benefits of personal training with Lena

Tailored to YOU

Personal training based on your needs, your goals and around your lifestyle

Health and wellbeing

Improve your fitness and strength. Work towards a more functional body and mind

Expert Advice

The right exercises for you. Technique based coaching and professional instructor

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