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Pregnancy Pilates

Exercise during pregnancy is safe and good for both you and your baby. Your body goes through a huge transition during each trimester and in childbirth. Exercise can help to manage a lot of these changes.

Maintaining a healthy body and mind can have a huge affect on your pregnancy experience. The more active you are throughout your pregnancy, the easier it will be for you to manage all the changes your body will go through. In fact, the benefits far outweigh the risks of exercise in pregnancy.

Through exercising in pregnancy, your physiological capacities are increased ie. enhanced cardiovascular ability, improved muscular strength and endurance - these all help to support you throughout your pregnancy. Exercise can also help to prepare you mentally and physically for childbirth.


Pilates in pregnancy

My pilates classes are a gentle way to keep fit during your pregnancy. 

We focus on breathing and engaging your core, strengthening your pelvic floor and preparing your body for the latter stage of pregnancy and childbirth.

Pregnancy yoga

Benefits of exercise in pregnancy

• maintaining your fitness
• improving circulation
• reduced risk of swelling
• offset postural imbalances
• reduced risk of lower back pain
• improved sleep and mood
• reduced maternal weight gain
• quicker postnatal recovery

Pregnancy yoga
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