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Women's Health & Fitness Coach

Adopting a holistic approach to exercise for the mind, body and soul

Hi, I'm Lena

I'm a mum of three, a Pilates instructor and personal trainer specialising in pregnancy. I am passionate about looking after our bodies before, during and after pregnancy.

I believe movement can be healing for our minds as well as our bodies.  With a holistic approach to exercise, I work with you to help you move better, feel better and smile more.

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Woman performing a side plank
What I do

I hold specialist Pilates classes and 1-2-1 programmes for:

• women who want to get fitter, leaner and stronger

• pregnant women who want to maintain their fitness levels

• exercise and advice in preparation for childbirth

• postnatal women with pelvic floor dysfunction

• women with diastasis recti

• women who want to improve core function and strength

Personal Training

Bespoke 1-2-1 personal training tailored to your needs and goals. Face to face and online. 

Pregnancy and Postnatal

Exercise aimed to manage physiological changes to your body before and after pregnancy. 


Pilates classes to keep you mobile, strong and healthy. 

Group classes in Gillingham.

Personal training

Regular exercise not only improves your physical health, it’s also great for your mental health as well as promoting better sleep. All these things = a fit, healthy, happy you. Based in Mid Kent, I offer both 1-2-1 personal training and online training.

My specialism is in exercise during pregnancy, and in post birth recovery.

Woman performing a plank
Pregnancy squat
Pregnancy Pilates

Exercise during pregnancy is safe and good for both you and your baby. Your body goes through a huge transition during each trimester and in childbirth. Exercise can help to manage a lot of these changes.

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